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Floating House is an editing and editorial packaging company that was founded in the burgeoning schism between the literary worlds of publishing and teaching.

For the individual writer we offer analytic, editorial, coaching and packaging services with a view toward delivering a publishable manuscript or significant progress toward one. We also host online workshops from beginning to masters level in fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

For publishers, we offer a solution to the problems that decentralization and a reliance on revolving-door freelancers has engendered. That is, we offer a unified editorial mind, a re-envisioning of that old personal, literary relationship between writer and editor.

In short, we are a “floating house” that individual writers employ to bring a guaranteed standard of excellence to their work and that publishers utilize on a single or multi-book basis to bring consistency and vision to their imprint. Our combined experience encompasses virtually every aspect of the literary spectrum: We have worked in commercial New York publishing including editing, packaging and agenting. We are creative writers as well, and our own works – which include poetry, short stories, essays, children’s books and literary and commercial novels – have been published by everything from small indie presses and magazines to the largest houses in both the US and numerous foreign countries. We have each taught extensively at the university level in both undergraduate and MFA programs and remain staunchly committed to the ideal of teaching and nurturing writers.